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Department of Psychology



The vision of the Psychology Department at Tejgaon College is to:

Be a Leader in Psychological Science: We aspire to be recognized as a leading institution for cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of psychology, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and contributing to advancements in understanding human behavior and mental processes.

Foster a Dynamic Learning Environment: We envision a dynamic and inclusive learning environment where students are inspired to explore their curiosity, engage in critical thinking, and develop a lifelong passion for psychology.

Cultivate Global Citizens: We aim to produce graduates who are not only well versed in the science of psychology but also culturally competent and globally aware individuals. Our students will be equipped to address diverse psychological needs and challenges across different cultures and communities.

Promote Mental Health and Well-being: We strive to be a driving force in promoting mental health and well-being within our academic community and beyond. Our department will actively contribute to reducing stigma, increasing awareness, and providing resources for mental health support.

Drive Positive Change: We envision our students and alumni as agents of positive change in society, applying their psychological knowledge and skills to address pressing social issues, improve mental health care, and advocate for policies that enhance the well-being of individuals and communities.

Embrace Interdisciplinary Collaboration: We seek to foster interdisciplinary collaboration both within our department and with other academic disciplines. Our vision is to leverage the power of diverse perspectives to address complex psychological questions and societal challenges.

Cultivate a Culture of Excellence: We aim to maintain a culture of excellence in teaching, research, and practice, attracting talented faculty, students, and staff who are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Adapt and Innovate: We will continuously adapt to the evolving landscape of psychology, embracing emerging technologies, methodologies, and trends to ensure our programs remain relevant and forward thinking.

Engage with the Community: We envision active engagement with our local and global communities through research collaborations, community outreach, and partnerships with organizations dedicated to mental health and well-being.

Inspire Lifelong Learning: We aspire to instill in our students a love for lifelong learning, motivating them to pursue advanced studies, contribute to scientific knowledge, and remain engaged with the field throughout their careers.

In summary, the Psychology Department at Tejgaon College aims to be a beacon of excellence, producing graduates who are not only proficient in psychology but also compassionate, ethical, and visionary individuals who actively contribute to the betterment of society through their knowledge and expertise in psychology.